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Help! what are my options?

I live in a really toxic household and i get absolutely no freedom whatsoever... i’d rather not get into detail about my situation, but i really need to get out. it’s affecting my work ethic in school...

running away isn’t an option, that’s illegal. CPS will just put me into the system... and i’d love to get emancipated but i don’t have anyone to stay with..?? help..

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    Here are your options:

    Emancipation requires you to prove to a judge not only do you have a place to live but you are able to provide for yourself wherever you live via some type of employment. You also have to prove being emancipated is BETTER for your state of mind and well being. So you would have to prove some type of physical harm or mental harm from your family.

    Join the military: The military has to accept you and it requires approval by your parents (unless already emancipated).

    Get your parents to agree to let you live with other family or friends.

    Get married- requires approval of parents. But your care would be switched to that of your husband.

    Go to your local police department. You will have to prove abuse, either physical or psychological. If there hasn't been physical trauma (which can be seen via a hospitals equipment like MRI) and you tell them you've been psychologically traumatized, they will sit you down with a psychiatrist and the psychiatrist will judge if there has been any mental abuse. If there hasn't, there's nothing the law can do. It's just a case of you not wanting to live with them because you don't like the situation. In this instance you have no other options but to stay with family until you're 18 and are legally an adult. If they psychiatrist determines mental abuse, they will remove you from the house, place you in a boarding house for children where you will be assigned a case worker that will monitor and follow you until you turn 18. You will have to follow the rules of the boarding house (which are strict). If you don't follow those rules, you will be placed in a very different boarding house that is surrounded by fences and guards are will have EXTREMELY limited freedoms because the state is required to keep you safe and that is their main concern, not you wanting freedoms. Your parents will be arrested for neglect/abuse and be given a trial where they could possibly found guilty and be sentenced to jail.

    Those are literally all your options.

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    Let's hear the rest of the story.  I'm sure it's good.

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    WHERE?  If a relative/friend is willing to provide for you that person can petition the Court to take custody of you.  Emancipation is a lot more complicated than finding someone to stay with.

    I grew up in a very dysfunctional household.  I moved out when I turned 18 and put myself through college and an advanced degree using grants, scholarships, salary and very, very small loans.

    I never looked back.  I wish you well!

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    You did not provide sufficient information about your ability to be self sufficient. I would talk to an attorney about emancipation.

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    If you need someone to stay with, you won't qualify for emancipation.

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