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why did Jonty Bravery throw a little boy off the tate viewing platform?

What were his motivations and reasons? I find it bizarre that there is no follow up to the story, when similar news stories are covered in great detail, especially after trail

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    Apparently he told them he was a f*cking nutter, they did nothing about it or didn't believe it, so he decided to prove it to them!

    And the Tories are saying provisions for children's mental health are a top priority?

    Update: He also wanted to be on TV - unlike that other f*cking nutter, Boris!

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    He claims he did it because he wanted to be on TV news. Bravery has autism spectrum disorder but that isn't a mental illness that would explain his behaviour. He isn't claiming insanity in his plea.

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    It looks like he has severe mental health issues. Not such that he didn’t understand what he was doing, or realise that it was wrong.

    He is likely to be detained indefinitely in a secure mental hospital.

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