Is it normal that my employer is insisting on me not having an oc health appointment on my return to work? ?

So as the title says I've been off on long term sick, seeing a psychiatrist and am now on antipsychotic medication/ antidepressants, my manager has said :


"Following our call last week I have since spoken to ***** who suggested it’s best to not refer you to occupational health at this time if you are looking to return to work.   In regards to that, do you have any idea or plans of when you would like to return? We can work together in order to best accommodate your return date, as well as the best working conditions and moving forward."


As far as I know that's the job of oc health not them, is there a chance they are trying to prevent me from having certain protections? It just doesn't feel right.

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  • Carmen
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    10 months ago
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    The wise person sees the danger and protects themselves do a through check into this situation before signing anything or returning to work on the wrong basic pray over matter .

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    To be honest, this sounds like you're looking for problems where none exist.  In most cases, OC isn't about mental problems.  You might get a better perspective if you stop to consider how difficult these situations are for employers. 

    So I'm not getting where you think they're trying to take away protections.  To me, they sound very accommodating.  It's possible you might be reassigned to a different position, but again, they're adapting to a difficult situation.  I also don't think there's anything odd if they want to know when you'll be back.   Why wouldn't they?  They have a business to run!

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    What you posted they said is a long way from saying they are insisting you not have an oc health appt before you return to work.

  • 10 months ago

    What is occupational health going to do for you?

    You have had a mental illness not a physical illness. 

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