What is the benefit of using an HDMI matrix over using an HDMI splitter connected to an HDMI switch (for a 2 x 2 connection)?

I have 2 monitors connected to my desktop. I have to connect them to my laptop a lot. One monitor is connected to my Desktop via Displayport cable and the other via HDMI. My plan was to use connect my laptop to the hdmi switch and then switch the source in the first monitor from displayport to HDMI, the other monitor will stay in the hdmi source since it is going through a splitter. 

I was going to use the splitter/switch combo at first but then I discovered the HDMI matrix. From what I saw, matrix devices are more expensive than a splitter and switch combined but serve the same purpose, like a 2-in-1. Unsure what other benefits they have.I attached a photo of what my original plan was.

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    In your situation you would not need any external hardware. (assuming both monitors support HDMI)

    just connect an HDMI cable from the second monitor to the laptop and swap inputs when you need to use the laptop

    A matrix is more expensive because it contains several switches and Splitters to allow you to output multiple HDMI inputs to either or both HDMI outputs at the same time. it is generally only used for very specific applications and would be a waste of money for your

    The splitter switch combo you drew would work as expected but it brings in unneeded equipment.

    Just remove the splitter and switch, directly connecting the laptop to monitor 2.

    you will need to change inputs either way, why add extra steps.

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    8 months ago

    I'm getting a headache looking at your plan.   You can use the different input types on each monitor as the switch rather than buying one.    Many monitors have three to choose from (RGB, DP, and HDMI).   Just hook up the desktop to one on each respective monitor and then hook the laptop up to whatever ports remain unused on the monitor.   If your ports do not match up buy conversion dongles\cables.   RGB is still very good to use if you have to up to 1080p 60hz which is what most people have anyway.  

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