Why do all ancient people in the west of Iran have Germanic names like Guti, Suedin, Germanii, Almani, Dani, Asgardi, and Semnoni?

We read in famous Babylonian inscription from about 4,000 years ago:

Šāru šūtu māt Elamti, šāru iltānu māt Akkadi, šāru šaddû māt Suedin u māt Guti, šāru aḫarru māt Martu.

“The south is Elam, the north is Akkad, the east is Suedin and Guti, the west is Martu.”

Kassite kings called this land not only the land Suedin and Guti but also Alman, Herodotus mentions Germanii and Daans in the same land and in the Old Persian sources this land is called Asgard/Asgarta (name of Zagros is from this Old Persian name),... 



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  • 8 months ago

    Here some old Germanic names


    _Dani is an old English , Hungarian, Spanish and Dutch name.

    _ Guti is an old Swedish one.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Gen 3:20;Gen 10:Gen 2:8 jw.org

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    8 months ago

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  • Satan
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    8 months ago

    Wouldnt it be more logical to think of this from the other view?

    Why do Germanic countries have names similiar to that of ancient Eastern civilisations?

    All to do with time being linear

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