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Can things be made right? If so how?

 So I was talking to and having relations with a capricorn . So I started to develop feelings for him. I believe he started to develop feelings as well.  Telling me he really loves me.  Talking about future plans together. I really felt like it was real but I also had some trust issues.  Like things were to good to true.  Anyway so we had a conversation and relations on a Tuesday night and we were invited to go out that Friday.  Things were good.  Until I messed up big time. So i got pretty drunk before he showed up Friday to meet me and our mutual friends I mean I was wasted for sure.  That's no excuse. Well he shows up and I'm super excited to see him so I run up and give him a hug and a kiss.  Not thinking about him really not liking pda  also considering we're not officially together together.  That's what I thought not saying I didn't want to be his girl cause every part of me did.  Well he happened to bring his friend with him which I happened to know.  So I gave him a hug too said hi and what not.  Well that's where things went south.  So his friend was paying  more attention to  me then he was and with how drunk I was I acted on it.  Like an idiot I agreed to go outside with his friend.  We were gone for a little while well when I came back in. My capricorn man comes up to me and asks where I been. ( yeah he was definitely upset at that point) I said don't worry about it. I was upset too.  Well long story short I ended up leaving with his friend that night.

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    Maybe if you tell this guy you have a drinking problem and get into a treatment plan for that he'll take this seriously as something that might be forgiven. But hopefully you've learned that getting "wasted" before meeting with a potential partner you're not even dating yet is bad form.

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    So basically you were really trying to get it together with your Capricorn man, got drunk and embarrassed him in front of mutual friends. Flirted and went outside for a while (why?) with his friend in front of everyone. He was a bit upset about this (I wonder why) and you said 'Don't worry about it' as if that was what you would do normally (ie go outside with random guys). He didn't accept that so you went off for the night with the other guy. Now you wonder if you can ever redeem yourself. Sadly, I doubt it. You have shown yourself up to be a bit 'trampish' to everyone including the guy you wanted and who it seems WAS interested in you initially. He's been disrespected in public in front of his friends. I doubt now whether you will get another chance with him. Chalk it up to experience and get yourself some help over that drink problem you've got. If you need drink or drugs to help you out in social situations you need to find out why that is so you can remedy the situation. Drink certainly didn't help you out that time did it. It ruined your evening and a possible relationship. Good luck. Get help

    ......Just seen your follow-up.  All is not lost.  He's still friends with you so you haven't completely burnt all your boats......but don't expect too much too soon.  Get yourself sorted out....for YOURSELF, not for others.  You will slowly become different as you begin to understand yourself more and gain some self-respect.  In turn, he will begin to respect you too.  Don't be in a hurry.

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    Absolutely they can. Just swear to yourself and to everyone you know that you will no longer troll, and that if you DO troll you won't do it so obviously.

  • Kelley
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    Do not get drunk. Do not be an avid partygoer.

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  • Anonymous
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    I've tried apologizing already. He expressed that he's not okay with me ******* everybody. Now, one day he's fine then the next he's not.  It's hot and cold.  He says he'll text then doesn't but he'll look at me and not say anything. He's polite enough when I say hi to him. Keeps telling me to forget it and don't worry about it. It's killing me inside because I definently messed up big time.  I'm afraid things will never be okay again. 

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    Sorry but did you post this from the 1970's? Just got back in your time machine? "Capricorn man"? lmao seriously? Let's hope you copy / pasted this from somewhere eh?

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