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Who would you like to see as the next Wolverine, given Hugh Jackman has retired from the role after 17 years?

It would be hard to find someone else to play Logan. For some, many people will always see Jackman as Logan, just like many can only see Sean Connery as the real James Bond. 

It would be hard for me to say, but I think I could see Mel Gibson in the role, despite his age, he could play another version of "Old Man" Logan.

For a younger incarnation of the character, I could see Chris Hemsworth, who played Thor, as a good fit for the role.

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    Mel Gibson is 63 years old.  It's far too late for him to get in shape to really do a comic book hero role justice.  Even as an old man, Logan is still Wolverine, he needs to be more than just threatening, he needs to be physically imposing.

    Thor is still going to be in films, so there is no sense in even considering Chris Hemsworth.  He has even stated that he likes the role and would enjoy continuing to play the God of Thunder.

    For Wolverine, I've got 4 criteria.  First, they need to be able to grow the hair on their head/face necessary for the look (as opposed to using makeup tricks for this).  Second, the actor either needs to be a little shorter or they need to be able to hide his height a bit through trickery.  The character isn't tall, he's squat and thick.  This ties into the third criteria, he needs to be able to do the work in the gym to get the body.  By putting on muscle in certain places, a taller actor could still work, Hugh Jackman is tall but never looks overly so.  The final criteria is that he needs to be able to effectively brood.  The character doesn't always need to say a lot, you don't need a spectacular actor for the role (though Jackman is a great actor).  But the attitude needs to be right.  Despite being a hero, he needs to be capable of anger and darkness, almost lacking joy at times.

    I think you put Ryan Gosling in the gym for 6 months with a celebrity training expert, and stay away from making any more stand-alone Wolverine films - we've had enough of those.

    Sean Connery was a great James Bond, there's no denying that.  But did you see what Daniel Craig did with the role?  As fun as the old Bond movies were, I'm a fan of the newer ones.

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    Taylor Lautner?

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    I'd like to see the role being played by an actual wolverine. Imagine, when the bad guys say "Look out, it's Wolverine!!"... and then the movie cuts to some stock nature footage of a wolverine wondering around and peeing on trees.

    I'd watch that. I think it would be better than Mel Gibson...

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