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- hello I had a question. I recently found out I had a miscarriage. Found out on the first. I was 4 weeks. My question is if I took a pregnancy test would it still show positive? If so, it would light correct? Because I took a pregnancy test and it was positive, even darker than the first ones I took when I found out I was pregnant. See the weird thing is, when I went to the Er they weren’t sure, they said it was a miscarriage due to them not seeing my baby, saw a sac but no baby..but again I’m 4 weeks. Or was, I should say. Doctor even said I could be to little for the fetus to show, to me it sounded like they weren’t 100 percent sure on my miscarriage being an actual miscarriage but again my discharge papers clearly said “Miscarriage” also one of the nurses that came to tell me I lost my baby said my pregnancy test were showing up negative as well as my blood levels were low, they’re were 8K 

And if my test is showing positive I don’t understand why she would lie? I do have an appointment with an actual Ob on the 16th. Meanwhile I took that test just to see, would it still be dark? I did lose blood BUT was never in pain nor experienced anything crazy. Is it just me trying to think I didn’t have a miscarriage or would you be the same?

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    There is certainly reason to keep treating your body as pregnant - not smoking, drinking etc.

    ERs aren't always that good with pregnancy issues. That just isn't the main focus of their training. That's why they tell you to follow up with your OB. 

    In the mean time some things that are good to know:

    4 weeks means 4 weeks since the first day of your last period, not 4 weeks since conception. I just mention that to make sure we're talking about the same thing, not because I assume you got that wrong. 

    At 4 weeks you can expect to see NOTHING on ultrasound. At this stage the sac may or may not be seen. The baby definitely won't be. It is considered impossible to positively diagnose pregnancy through ultrasound this early. In other words: seeing the sac and not the baby is a GOOD result at 4 weeks.

    8000 (8k) is not a low level of hCG. Not at 4 weeks anyway. It's actually very high. Anything between 5 and 426 would be considered normal at this stage. 8000 would be perfectly acceptable at 6-7 weeks. And the weird thing is, if your blood levels were 8000, that would be more than enough (by many times over) to make ANY test positive. It sounds to me like someone somewhere made a mistake.

    Discharge papers say 'miscarriage' because they have to say something. The doctor clearly didn't diagnose miscarriage with 100% certainty. It's more that they couldn't confirm you were still pregnant with 100% certainty either. 

    When I miscarried around 5 weeks, tests became negative within 2-3 days. I obviously can't promise you anything, but if it was just a little blood, it has since stopped, and pregnancy tests are positive, I would say there is hope. 

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    How long ago was this "recent" miscarriage?  Unless it was at least a month ago, you aren't pregnant again yet.  In order to be 4 weeks pregnant, you'd need at least 4 weeks since the miscarriage.  But your doctor also never performed a blood test to be sure the miscarriage was complete?

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    Why waste money on a pregnancy test if you've had a miscarriage? You're not pregnant anymore.

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