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It's this bad or good?

So I'm 24 and there's this older lady, 45 to be specific and we kinda got the hits for each other, it's that too big of an age gap? Like she's old enough to be my mom xD but I've got a thing for older women, we wanna start taking things to the next level, like opening up to everyone, we've kept this hidden from our family members for quite some time, and it's starting to get stressful, and I dont know if my family would be accepting of that, so I don't know what to do, is the age gap too much? And if not then how would I go about telling my family?

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    I suppose it depends on how long you have actually been together as a couple and if 'having the hots' is just lust or are you 'in love with each other?'. If this relationship has been going on for more than a year in secret and you are both on the same page about how you feel and becoming permanent long-term partners - then telling a trusted family member what has been going on and what you two plan together for the future seems a sensible idea. I'm assuming, in your case, this would be an older brother or your dad. They may advise against it as you are still quite young. 24 isn't quite emotionally mature and you could still be uncertain (as you are now) for another year or so. You also have to take your lady-friend's emotions into consideration here too. She'll have as many reservations about it as you do. Talk to an older man (dad) in private about it and get his personal reaction and how he thinks your mother and the rest of the family will react. Always better to be well-prepared. You could then introduce her to him (and mum) initially somewhere relatively private to speak to each other - but public enough so that anyone can leave if they want to. This is going to be a delicate operation. If it's just lust and having a good time together then there's no need to tell anyone at all.

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    "The hits for each other" lol How many likes she give you? It is that too big of an age gap for me? Jesus, you sound completely illiterate, do you proof read this shat before hitting post? You need your familys permission to **** at 24? You have bathroom break privileges there too?

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    Bad or good to whom? Bad or good in who's opinion? Is the age gap too big for WHOM? Do you understand that these things are entirely subjective and a matter of personal opinion, and that no one here can advise you on what to do because none of us know you at all?

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    I married a woman that was 15 years older than myself. The best advice I can give you is if the two of you really love one another then what other people think or say really should not matter. The one thing I have to warn you is that losing a mate after many years can be a very emotionally painful experience that you will probably be faced with in the future. I lost my wife after 29 years of marriage. Eight years later I am still experiencing the effects of that loss. I'm pretty certain that the pain will never go away completely.

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    I don't know, is it good? It's not up to me. 

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