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Liberals, do you feel that everyone has to agree with you?


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    Of course not.   Intellectual , fair debate, is the cornerstone of our democracy. 

    I talk to many republicans here,  when they can keep it civil, without the name calling. 

    It's the stupid name calling  TROLLS, with the Multiple sock puppets I put on they don't post anything intelligent,  and don't debate fairly. 

    If all you do it toss accusations,  but you never answer any.......that's not a debate. 

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    Nope, just the people who were disagreeing with me.

  • Ana
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    8 months ago

    I’m a republican but I understand how people can come to different views or beliefs.

    Blacks, for example, sometimes vote democrat because they’ve been told that republicans are associated with whiteness, which they associate with slavery;

    And poor blacks and poor people in general sometimes have a hard time finding a good job so they’re stuck on welfare or govt assistance and so naturally they support the policies the democrats have to offer.

    People who are sexually degenerate and love to be judgemnetal in a hateful way, sometimes become democrats for the wrong reasons... it makes them feel morally superior to be democrat while also justifying in their minds, living a dangerous and sinful sexual lifestyle. 

    To people who are obsessed with sex, “the morning after pill” isn’t ABOUT the money. The fact it costs $10 doesn’t change their minds. It’s about making a statement. They think sex is a big deal, and important to have, and they think that since abortion and OTC birth control are associated with sex, the idea of not providing those for free is deeply offensive and even personally demeaning to them. It makes them feel dirty, judged, and worthless. It’s not about the money, it’s about making the statement that “sex and my body matter, I’m hot, I’m valuable, I’m desirable, and I’m in control of my body, and you can’t stop that”. The money is irrelevant to most of them. 

    I understand democrat views on gun control. It’s fear. Raw fear. Which is understandable. Although I, as an immigrant woman, own multiple weapons with my husband including a springfield armory .45 pistol (protection), a mossberg shotgun (home defense and hunting), and a Remington 7mm rifle (hunting), I still understand why democrats feel the way they do on guns. People who don’t own them and/or don’t want to own them, are scared and maybe even resentful of guns and gun owners. Ignorance leads to fear, and many people are ignorant as to how guns operate, the safety mechanisms and procedures regarding their safe usage, etc. People who don’t understand the safety around guns and also the positive benefits of guns (100,000+ yearly crimes stopped by legal gun owning citizens who aren’t police or military) naturally won’t support guns. Guns also help keep the government honest. It’s a scary concept to think about on a deep level, but government never has your best interest in mind. Government is run by individuals who are inherently selfish. 

    Some people are super big on helping the environment to the max, even at the expense of their paychecks. I get it. I’m a scuba diver and rock climber and I understand supporting wildlife (both flora and fauna and the globe as a whole). Even though I’m a republican, I still support the environment btw. I’m not solidly republican on every last issue. I think for myself. 

    Ultimately, I feel that most democrats came to become democrat based on emotions rather than logic and truth. Which is why I’m republican- specifically, I’m a constitutional conservative. My home country of Portugal is super poor because of liberal/socialist policies. 

    (The environment is the exception, it’s a logically valid position... but the democrats of today aren’t the same as democrats of the 70s, 80s and 90s. Democrat politicians used to be more honest and actually wanted to help the environment, and made well-written, reasonable policy bills to help it. Such as hydroelectric dams, nuclear power plants which are remarkably clean despite the negative hype, etc. Nowadays politicians use the environment as an excuse to try and push through a $90 trillion green new deal before it had even been decided what exactly the money would be spent on. That’s $90 trillion you and me would pay.)

    I also understand why hispanics- or people friends with or married to hispanics- would support “open border” policies on the basis of racial loyalty to Hispanics over whites. But I don’t think that open borders help AMERICANS of any race, and I don’t think that govt policy should be based on “racial loyalty” it should be based on facts. The wall should be promptly built so that the amount of people kept in ICE facilities is kept to a minimum, for everyone’s peace of mind 

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    I don't care life is just a laugh you'll be dead soon don't take it seriously ffs

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    No, of course not.

    People with sub-moronic IQ are free to keep their demented ideas.

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