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Is the Queen a devoted step-gran to Tom & Laura Parker Bowles the children of Camilla and her husband of 22 years, Andrew Parker Bowles ?

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  • The Queen does not have particularly close family relationships with anyone outside the immediate line of succession. She runs the family like a business.

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    The Queen was friendly with Camilla and Andrew Parker Bowles since he served as the Colonel Commanding the Household Cavalry and Silver Stick in Waiting to her. The Parker Bowles family was also friends of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, she serving, according to some sources, as a godmother to Andrew. Andrew was a page during the coronation of Elizabeth II.

    We do know that the Queen has known Tom and Laura since childhood. As to whether the Queen acts as "a devoted step-gran" to them is not known. It is more likely that she considers them family friends.

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    No, she does not see them much, why should she?

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    Don't know much do you, she isn't their step gran.

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    The Queen is most definitely not even step-gran to her daughter in law's children from the first marriage.    I'd imagine she's civil to them if and when she happens to meet them.

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    Still trolling these questions about the royalty I see 

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