Marco Silva gone?

Duncan Ferguson takes temporary charge

despite his lack of managerial expertise

Vitor Pereira is being considered ahead of Moyes. Do the Everton board members know what they are doing ?


 Mauricio Pochettino looking for a club that is not in the limelight like Man Utd

Update 2:

Hombre Sin Nombre AKA Oggmeista - not saying that he needed more time and I am not ranting,thank you very much.

I can't see that just putting the last sentence as the question shows any thought has gone into the question;at least it shows that I know my cebollas

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    Watch it Mark Hughes will get job permanently.

  • listen, don't mean offence, but since this is a q/a board why not have said the last line as the question?...just that in other sections people are making it a perrogative to rant out thier demands and screw the oath/yahoo guidelines,  some rather offensive material is often posted.....:-(  anyway with that "rant" off my chest....

    You saying you think Silva deserved more time?,  i can't really agree with that, remeber a few months ago, the toffees suffered a bad defeat and MArco silva made a LENGTHY interview with the press, and it wasn't becsue the press were pressing, he just couldn't stop talking seriously, i believed then that he was a dead man walking, it's just conjecture here, but could that same representation filtered through to the players...regardless, in football there is only the club and what the heirarchy think best, to be fair certain aspects of the club for me have been declining for a while now,

    It was imho a terrible idea to sell no not Stones, but Idrissa Guaye, he was central to almost anything that Everton were doing well, i'm not saying he's the common denominator who has changed everything but that certainly stands out..

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  • Ryan
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    8 months ago

    Funny they threw Big Sam away and he was better than Silva

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