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What did my ex mean by this?

I pretty sure my ex wrote a song about me. He kept repeating the line I am in this for real. Also he wrote: I give a lot but you take. I stare but you move your eyes. You are late but I am always here. You are fake and I am so real. I am who I am and you are a follower. What does “I am in this for real mean” in this instance? 

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  • Foofa
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    8 months ago

    This male Taylor Swift you dated seems to believe that he was trying to make the relationship work while you were not.

  • 8 months ago

    He meant that unlike you, an anonymous troll, he's a real person. Of course he's lying because you made him up. You don't have an ex or a current.

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    Okay anon, so I asked my good friend Leonard Krasshaw what your ex-partner meant by these cryptic expressive words, (Leonard is an esteemed psychic medium who converses with the dead and is able to read total strangers minds).  He said that, according to several dead souls in limbo,  “I am in this for real” means that your ex-partner can not write lyrics for shat. These “lyrics” are seriously the most cheesy diarrhoea imaginable.. so who even cares what he meant? That's from dead peoples mouths okay? So you can take that one to the bank. Hope this helps (Leonard's never failed a prediction yet, even down to lottery numbers). Please don't shoot the messenger.

  • 8 months ago

    Wow, James Blackley’s answer is full of assumptions...

    “I am in this for real” means that he is serious about the relationship and definitely committed. Judging by the other lyrics, he seems pretty hurt :/

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  • 8 months ago

    Assuming he wrote this about you, I think you need to pay attention to the whole song, not just pick and chose what you want to hear!

    He is trying to outline the differences between you in the relationship, he's expressing his frustrations, his outlook, and why he thinks a relationship between the two of you would never have a shot in hell of working.

    "I am in this for real" is him saying he's committed wheras you are either not interested, stringing him along or half in/half out of the relationship (or prior one). " I give a lot and you take" means he puts a lot into the relationship, and you just demand and only think of yourself, without regard to how your actions affect others. "You are late, I am always here" is interesting, it means maybe you are just now starting to realise how important he is to you, wheras he has known all along that he is with you 100% or was prior to the breakup.

    It seems to be you have a lot of issues going on that YOU need to address, its clear to me this guy is great and you quite frankly aren't worthy of him, and you need to fix your own yard before re-joining any relationship in the future.

  • 8 months ago

    Gosh that is SOOOooo sthuper romantic, SSsssthuper. It means gibberish

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