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How much should my 5 month old American Staffordshire Terrier weigh? Please read below for details! ?

Lexi is my 5 month old American Staffordshire Terrier. She turned 5 months on December 3rd. She is about 16 inches tall and 35 lbs (give or take a few on the weight). She has been eating less due to her canine tooth growing in over her baby canine, but that fell out tonight and after it fell out, she finished her food for the first time in a week. I just want to make sure she’s on track with her growth. If she is a little small hopefully her eating better will help. 

P.S. Sorry for the mess in the photo. My house & couch don’t always look like this. It is finals week and I’ve been studying. I didn’t have any good recent ones of her, so I just took one so you could see what she looks like.


Lexi is a mix

. We had a wisdom panel done and it came back 75% AST, 12.5% boxer, 12.5% breed types (unknown). I also feel like the photo angle shows her legs at an awkward angle. She’s bulkier than the photo looks and her legs aren’t as skinny as the photo makes it appear. Also, I don’t know what her ears are doing. They never do that. I wanted to use a recent photo, but I didn’t have any good ones I wish I could add another one to show her body shape better. 

Update 2:

More pictures of her looking like herself will be below! 

Update 3:

I really screwed up how I wanted this question to be asked so Im going to fix the issues and ask it again later. thanks. 

Update 4:

I know she looks nothing like a staffy in the photo. She looks like a different dog, honestly. I also got her weight wrong. I weighed her again just to check and she was 28 lbs. Just disregard this post. I’ll make another one, explaining myself better and with a better picture. 

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    She sounds like a normal weight to me.  What is important is how healthy she is.  As long as she is not too skinny and not fat or obese then get weight is what it should be.  :-) 

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    It depends on their size & BMI

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    We CANNOT evaluate any dog's weight or body condition without an *UP-TO-DATE* full side-body shot!  

    Further, since the dog is a mixed breed, there is no (ACCURATE)  prediction possible; on size or final weight - at this stage.  Your vet can best advise you as to the weight & body condition, not us.  Size for a 6 mo old female Staffie can range from 17.3 lbs to 26.3 lbs.  (So, she is massively OVER WEIGHT.... for a Staffie.) puppy does NOT particularly LOOK like an American Staffordshire Terrier or a Boxer - AT ALL.  Head/muzzle too thin, lacking all boxiness or squareness and dog lacks any FLEWS!  (The over-sized ears & narrow muzzle look like they belong on a Doberman.) The DNA tests are not very accurate (either) according to REVIEWS.images in link:

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    An AKC PEDIGREED American Staffordshire Terrier? If you don't have a pedigree you have a Pit Bull - a bully breed mutt. So there'd be no standard to how big it will get or should be now.

    According to this chart a 5 month old Staffie pup should weigh around 24 pounds. So I'm betting that it is a mutt you have there if it's already 10 pounds heavier than it should be now.

    edit: I answered without clicking into the question so seeing the picture now.  WOW.  You seriously think THAT is an American Staffordshire?  It looks NOTHING like one!  HUGE ears and way too slim limbs.

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