How to ship package internationally for a low cost?

I am looking to send a small to medium sized box under 1 lb to the United Kingdom from the United States.

Do I have to provide any documentation or can I just hand it over and pay the shipping?

The package is a gift, not a purchase and the contents inside are not especially valuable if that makes any difference.

Also, what should I expect for shipping costs?

I'd really appreciate advice, thank you

2 Answers

  • 1 year ago

    You use the cheapest option offered by the postal service. That's it. That is the cheapest way of shipping something to another country, unless you can persuade someone you know who is travelling there to put the item in their luggage. Every other way costs more. The post office is always cheapest unless your package weighs over 70 lbs. If you are sending something to another country the postal clerk sticks a form to the front of the package which you fill out, indicating the general nature of the goods inside and giving an approximate value and if it's a gift or not. That is all the documentation needed. I haven't got a clue what it will cost. I am not going to wade through the USPS website for you to find out. Take your package to a post office and they will tell you how much to send it.

  • 1 year ago

    This gives US Post Office rates:

    Normal letters are cheap enough, parcels can cost a lot more.

    A shipping comparison site like this is usually your best option, you enter the size, weight and destination and if gives you the costs from many different carriers:

    Though looking at that site, it seems there are now no other economy services from the USA to UK... It's showing over $30 lowest price for a 0.7lb item..

    It appears your best option is just pack it ready for sending then take it to a post office and ask what the best price is, based on how soon you need it to arrive.

    It could be near $10 from the USPS price table, but that does not give size and weight.

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