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I think I have the flu but I have white crap on my tonsils?

Coughing, runny nose. No fever, only had a low one at night 99.8. Mom looked at my tonsils said "I don't know what the heck that is, but it's not tonsils" GF thinks it's muscus but that just doesn't make sense. Maybe it's mono? I don't even know anymore. Have appt tomorrow for doc but no insurance and don't wanna waste ht emoney  if it isn't strep

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  • 1 month ago

    You cant' know if you have strep unless you're tested for it. But some doctors go ahead and prescribe meds for strep without the test. I guess it's up to the doctor's discretion.

    those white spots are just a sign of infection. I'm not sure what they are called in medical terms.

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  • 1 month ago

    It sounds like you have a cold. The flu usually includes body aches, exhaustion, sometimes a headache, sometimes nausea, sometimes coughing.

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  • Rick
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    1 month ago

    When the body detects the presence of a germ or a virus, it produces an excess of white blood cells.  These excess white blood cells attack in intruder, covering it and hopefully killing it.  That 'white' you are seeing on your tonsils is clumps of white blood cells WITH a dead germ in the middle ..................

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