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Is a temp that goes from high to low  back to high fast a bad thing ?

I had a temp of 100 F about 3 and a half hours ago and then went to 97 F about an  hour ago and now it is at 101 F.

I don't understand what could be going on  this has never happened to me.

I have used four different temometers so I don't  think it is that considering two I used were fresh out the package that we bought a while ago.

Any ideas?

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  • Joe
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    8 months ago
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    Last time I had a bad flu, my temperature bounced around, too.

    But I think you're likely seeing variation in thermometers.  Stick with the same one, if you can.

    Good luck.  Take in as much fluid as you can, and stay in bed.

  • 8 months ago

    It's not that big of a difference in time span you're talking about. Use a medication to lower your temp if you have one - acetaminophen or ibuprofin

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