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Cartier trinity bracelet unisex?

I want to get my boyfriend a nice bracelet for Christmas. I thought the Cartier Trinity bracelet was perfect because I love what each piece of gold means. I showed it to some friends and they told me it looks a little feminine because the band is made of silk. I have another bracelet in mind now but I really want to get him the Cartier bracelet if it isn’t too feminine. I know he would like the brand but it’s also the most affordable bracelet. So my two questions are: Is the bracelet too feminine? 

Is it okay to buy him the most affordable bracelet from an amazing brand?

I’ll list links to my two options I’m looking at. The Cartier is the one I want to get him. I wouldn’t mind getting him the other one because it still has meaning but I really need outside opinions on this one for a man. Thank you!


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    8 months ago

    Hopefully this is a long term boyfriend and not someone you are trying to impress after 5 months of dating.

    How old is he? Teens, early twenties or up?

    I think either would be appropriate if he is maybe 25-30 or under.  

    An older man would love a bit more traditional like leather, as Sur La Mur stated, or even gold or silver.

    I bought my husband a Cartier Nail Head gold bracelet on our 40th Anniversary and he has not removed it since so your choice of a gift is excellent and quality is excellent as long as it is your budget.

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