Identify and explain some of the principle features of death-related encounters  and the six factors associated with these changes ?

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    just yesterday, there was an old raggedy black man trying to cross the road. he was hit by a car, which kept on going. he was lying in the road, then a second car ran over him and kept on going.  then a car stopped and tried to call 911-emergency; while he trying to phone, a third car ran-over the poor old man, and he got stuck under the car and was dragged-off.

    the car stopped at a gas-station and the people pried the old man's bloody-beaten-up body from the undercarriage of their car, and took-off, leaving him lying in the gas-station.

     when i see stories like this, i really do not know what to think about it. 

    people are so afraid of death.....

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