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Is a website where other members can see if I look them up or are my searches confidential?

I am looking up my estranged father's family just curious about them. I was several months old when he left and have an adopted step-father. I have no desire to be contacted by my bio-father or his family and that is why I did not do the DNA kit. However, if I just look at other family trees on Ancestry and glanced at one person's profile (an apparent half-sibling) can they see I viewed them or will they have no way to since I did not message them?


I am a little worried now that I looked. 

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    Unless you message them, they won't know that you viewed their tree.  However, many trees are private and you have to message people to gain access to their trees.  However, if you also link your DNA test results to your account, then you can see DNA/relatives who match yours.

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    You can research without the people involved knowing, but living people are extremely difficult to locate.

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