What are some ways, people legally cause great harm to others with their wealth,  or their influence as a wealthy person?

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  • 8 months ago
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    It would depend upon how vindictive, petty, and wealthy someone is.

    If someone had a whole bunch of money and was determined to make your life miserable, they could buy the company you work for and then fire you. They could buy the company your wife works for and fire her. They needn't stop there. They could continue and do the same to your parents, brothers, and sisters. Letting them all know they were fired because of you. Oh, and all of your friends too.

    Your employer is willing to stick with you and not sell? Well, surprise, the business you work for now has a mega store right next door selling all the same stuff you sell, but at a much cheaper price.

    Do you like the neighborhood you live in? Guess who just bought the house next door and donated it to be a new half-way house to help transition people from prison to the outside world. The house across the street? Someone just bought that and converted it to be a methadone clinic.

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    8 months ago

    Using money to influence women is quite damaging to a lot of women.  Paying for propaganda that gives them a righteous appearance (such as the law of attraction). A pastor could cleverly teach how money is a blessing,  and a gift from God and get rich off the idea abusing people's greedy desires to serve him/herself. Buying really expensive homes definitely has effected the overall cost of living and property values for everyone else.  Keeping a big enough portion of our labor so that we need to work long hard hours,  neglecting our families,  so that we can afford to pay for the higher cost of living.  Investing in clubs,  and restaurants that only they can afford,  further taking up space and raising property values.  Are the things created to make our lives better really balancing out the way the people getting rich off those things make our lives worse? I don't. Many don't do these things knowingly or intentionally.  The ones who do though,  they are as close to satan as this world can produce. Further,  if they spoil their children,  and then they make other children feel low, jealous,  or vengeful it's just a problem that will eventually explode.  There needs to be an attitude about money that it isn't the most important thing in our lives.  Wealthy people teach us everything BUT that. 

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