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what is this nonsense about Gerry & Kate Mccann being tied to some type of "high level pedophile ring"?

I was watching a documentary on the disappearance of Madeleine Mccann back in 2007. and it was a 4 hour long conspiracy theory documentary about how the Mccann's has lied and covered up the accidental death of their daughter and i was following along with it good and thought, "yeah , they are definitely guilty"...and then it very strangely delved off into talking about how the Mccanns had met with the son of Sigmund Freud shorlty after (forgot his name)and he was staying in a villa in Portugal and had invited them, and just DAYS LATER he was charged with abusively raping young girls. and then went on to talk about how Gerry and Kate Mccann had maybe "lent" Madeleine out for a pedophile (Since there is probability that Gerry and his friends were ALSO into pedophilia too ) ..and it just lost me. and i was thinking..."what have I been watching? this is worse than the UFO conspircasy documentaries...or what was i missing?

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  • Tina
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    8 months ago
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    You mean Clement Freud, the grandson of Sigmund.

    He wasn't in Portugal when the child disappeared.

  • larry1
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    8 months ago

    It's made up nonsense. Freedom of speech means anyone can put on TV or internet any made up, fake, lying trash they want to. And TV (and internet now) is make money by getting the public to watch the crap.

    Do yourself and all of us a favor and don't watch such shows. Lack of watching will put the hucksters/ con men out of business.

  • Jeff
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    8 months ago

    Some people always wants an easy answer so the parents would naturally be prime suspects for those types of people, even more often the media will simply make up lies or connect dots that don't exist in order to have a sensational story.  Richard Jewell was an unfortunate victim of this as well.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    It would take a lot to convince me to believe that. I couldn't imagine them renting their daughter out for such a heinous act, I doubt they were short of money. People really do say crazy stuff when they don't know the truth. 

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