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International Student, want to know more about the nursing program and how can I apply the H1 visa?

I'm already a softmore in high school now so I think it is time to search for more information. I want to know more about nursing program. I heard that for nursing program they will not let you be a graduate student unless you had 1~3 years of working experience, for international student there's only one year of internship, and cannot apply for H1 visa during that period, so is that means there's no oppotunity for international students? And I wanna know which schools have seven year system for the nursing program? How is the job oppotunity for an international student in nursing program, etc? 

Thank you for you time. 

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    At this time according to news, your best option is agent or direct major league hospitals. They have mere rights unethicaly to want you make you to understand.

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    In the USA? 

    You need a four year Bachelor degree first. Be fore you can go on for a Masters degree in nursing. 

    You can read requirements to apply on any US universities’ web site.

    I am not seeing any requirement to work for three years before applying to graduate school for a Masters degree.  A MS in nursing usually takes two years.

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