How to get back at my neighbors...I live in an apartment... There is a kind of culdesac but it's not a culdesac. Its a parking lot near a rd?

 My neighborskids  are outside at all hours of the day with no supervision.Gaggles of kids in the parking lot and me having to pray one of them didnt walk behind my car while I was backing out. I pulled in one day and not only were the kids there a group of the parents were standing behind a car. I couldnt see them where they were standing and there was a car in my usual spot and i had to take a quick turn to park in the spot beside of it. One of these grown adults mentioned 3x that i almost hit her before I even unbuckled my seatbelt. I got out.she said it again.i said "get out of the parking lot then!" one of the wild children rode his bicycle, almost ran over me screaming that I was trying to hit him. She said they were allowed to play in the parking lot. I said its a parking lot not a playground...from there... They have been allowing their kids to hit my car with balls(I called the cops and had to get security cameras), letting their ankle biter "attack" me when I get out of my car and walk in to my apartment, poop in front of apartment and not clean it up, allowing their kids to look in my car, allowing their kids to mess with deocrations on my porch.I even came home the other day and there was about 10  of the tens standing in the middle of the street (the street we live on, not the parking lot) doing flips/cartwheels ... It was about 8pm,raining so hard it was blowing my car off the road... I have reported this to the landlord and nothing gets done.

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  • 8 months ago

    Sounds like you'd rather live somewhere else. Do that. There is nothing you can do that won't make it worse.

  • Judy
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    Call the police

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Become the crazy lady/man in the corner that everyone is afraid of...


    2 packs of balloons

    1 gallon of rotten milk

    1 ketchup

    (scoop the pieces of poop deposited by the ankle-biter) 

    Let the gallon of milk rot, get the balloons filled with rotten milk and ketchup hide behind a bush. When anyone trespasses your property attack with balloons and or poop and yell like a maniac how you will feed Krampus all of the curb cursed children. They will start to back away... 

    If it doesn't work MOVE...  

  • 8 months ago

    i would go back to the police about it

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  • CB
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    Time to find a new place to live - if that isn't a kick in the pants to get  you looking for a better place nothing will.

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