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They're too protective!!?

My parents are so overprotective of me. I'm not allowed to have any apps on my phone unless they say so, I can't go out with friends unless they meet them, my phone's checked every minute of the day. I don't have any freedom. I can't wear leggings unless my shirt cover's my butt. My mom even threatened to isolate me from the world so I'm safe. What do I do?


I sneak clothes out that I wanna wear and make-up and stuff like that

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    8 months ago
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    hate to break it to you, but kids don't get freedom till they are 18. itxs the law.

    besides, what can you do on an app that you can't do in person? besides, your parents don't let you wander down dark alleys alone, either, for the same reason. you don't talk to strangers without your parents meeting them. the internet is a dangerous place. moreso than a dark alley. if you'd seen what i've seen, you wouldn't want to be alone online either.

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    You are a spoiled brat and sneak things behind their backs so its no wonder why they can't trust you. Don't be shocked when they find out you are sneaking things and take those things from you and put you on lock down

    You don't even need a phone. Its good they won't allow you to have anything you want on the phone

    And its good they want to meet your freinds

    You don't need to wear trashy clothing either 

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    not much you can do unless shes being abusive and then you can call cps

  • 8 months ago

    How old are you?

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