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Who can build a crawlspace when I order a prefab home? ?

Are companies who are selling the prefab house building the crawlspace or do they dump the house just like that on the lawn?   

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    They don't just dump it on the lawn.  Unless it is very small it is delivered in components which are bolted together on top of whatever you have provided by way of foundations.  You talk to the providers and discuss what it required in the that direction. Normally you provide the foundation and therefore any crawlspace you want is built into that, as are provision for services, and then they deliver and put it together.

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    Why and where did you get the money to buy a prefab? Who said you could have it anyway.

    There's enough junk houses to go around certainly enough for you overpaid tools.

    Don't even think you own land here fact is if you get a deed for land in this country its to keep the land for the people not your piggish lazy selves.

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    they'll have to have a foundation be that crawl space or basement.   I'm sure they have contractors that can do it. Or you could hire a contractor who do foundations for houses.

    There probably gonna require a foundation be at site before they deliver house or probably charge you rent on trailer they'll have to leave till foundation is built.

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    They generally set the house down on a pad or foundation blocks. They have equipment to dig what needs to be done. You need to work with them and prepare a drawing of this foundation, where you want the crawl space, foundation, etc. All done and approved before they set the house. You go over all aspects of the work and think about things you want done and include that in the contract. Then inspect to see that it is done, especially things that are different. They will do it, if someone reminds them.

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    check your purchase agreement; often you need to get the local foundation on your property ready before they drop it off; again check your agreement

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    No, they don't just dump the house on the lawn. I have no idea exactly what kind of house you're buying. Talk to the people selling it to find out what it needs to sit on. They can even tell you what kind of contractor can install whatever it needs to sit on.

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    Read the contract. The ones I have priced are delivered and installed on an "existing foundation". Some include "Set up" which means on cinder blocks and no "skirting". Often the connections to water, electricity and sewer are made if they are located in such a way that connections are possible (meaning curb cuts and lines are in place).

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