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Am I wrong not to love my sister?

So I’m fifteen and I have an eleven year old sister. I can’t remember when we started hating each other but literally even when she was a baby she hated me. I’m sick of people saying that I’m over exaggerating or that I do actually love her and I’m just too immature to know that. But I don’t. I’ve never loved her. I hate everything about her. Her voice how she talks even how she walks I hate. She disgusts me. I hate her. If she were to die the only thing that I would be sad about is how the rest of my family would be sad but I would feel absolutely zero grief. I’ve had fantasies of her dying. I feel absolutely no love towards her at all. I get it’s also irrational. To hate everything about a person even their voice. I think maybe part of it had to do with how my moms always loved her more than me but even if my mom treated us equally I’d still hate her. She’s the most bratty, annoying, stupid, idiotic *****. I’m so sick of telling people that I hate my sister and then them being like “oh yeah siblings suck my sisters really annoying too but you know I love her”. Even my mom has said that she’s “never seen such blind hatred towards a human being” that I feel towards my little sister. Every time she walks in the room I feel so angry. 

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    The most telling statement in your post is, ''maybe part of it had to do with how my moms always loved her more than me but even if my mom treated us equally I’d still hate her.''

    That's because you want your mom to love you MORE than her.  Little Sister has been cutting into your game since she was born and your jealousy has been seething for 11 years.  Did your mom never teach you to share?  Oh, and people are just as sick of hearing you complain about her as you are telling them so stop.  You make yourself look like a selfish, jealous brat.

    Do yourself and her and your mom and everybody else a favor - lay off of your sister.  You're damaging her emotionally.  As the youngest of five kids, I went through that with my sister who is now my best friend but not without some collateral damage.  We still fight and we know exactly how to hurt the other one.

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    You need god in your life

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    it might help if you changed your attitude

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    Yes.  It's not normal and it will hurt you more than her.   Try praying about it.  Ask God to help you  love your sister.  You don't have to feel all mooshy about her, but hating her is wrong.  I think you are basically jealous of her for taking your place in the  family when she was born.  She got all the attention.  But at 15, you should be over that by now.     I asked Jesus Christ into my life as Lord and Savior many years ago  and He has helped me with all sorts of problems and blessed me a lot, as well as given me assurance of a home in heaven.  I recommend Him to you.  Please read the New Testament.  I suggest starting with the Gospel of John; then Romans.  Look up Philippians 4:6-8.  Also, read 1 Corinthians, Chapter 13 for the definition of love (love is patient, kind, etc.)  Also look up 1 John 1:9. 

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