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USA Selective Service System Question?

Should I register for Selective Services? I am currently 18 years of age and I health issues but I have no limits of doing whatever, I can workout and all that. But, I need to have my infusion every two weeks, and it is a 4 hour infusion. If I don't get that infusion strictly every two weeks, it can cause risks such as internal blood loss or "death" I guess that's what my physician said. Should I still register even with my condition or that doesn't apply to me?


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    You are required by law to register. Unless the military draft is reinstated, you won't be called to serve. Even if you are told to report, they will do a medical exam and you'll probably be given a medical exemption. So don't hesitate to register. You can get the necessary form at the post office.

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    i would if it would help

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    i would if you need to

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    You are required by federal law to register.  However, if they look closely at your medical statues, they are unlikely to choose you.

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