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So my parents have been saying for awhile they'd get me a phone, anytime I ask if I'm getting a phone this Christmas they say "Maybe." In a taunting voice. Now I am a 16 years old and I haven't had a phone in 3 years. But the issue is I want a specific phone (I know it sounds selfish but please just hear me out) I want the Google Pixel 3a which I have done plenty of research on and I know for a fact I want it it is 399.99 + tax in full but with monthly payments it is 16.67/mo my sister will also be getting a phone if I get one so that is also adding her phone bill. I chose the google pixel because of the qualities it has and because of the amazing price! Now my question..

How will I get my parents to know this is the phone I want? I think they're just going to get me some random phone for Christmas (assuming they do) and just have me go along with it. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind but I really really want this phone and it is also a really good price for a smartphone. Please help

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    Often parents will ask other relatives what they think might be a good phone for you. Make sure they know what you might like. Drop hints like 'if I could afford to get myself a phone this Christmas it would be a Pixel3a'.

    If they can't budget for that then you'll just have to be grateful for whatever phone they get. Save up or do some useful work so that you can get what you want from your own resources later.

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    Have you considered telling them what you want?

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    If your parents ask you what phone you want, then great you can tell them that you want the Pixel phone. However, they're not required to buy you a phone or the phone you want. You can't "make" them buy you whatever you want. If they get you a phone you don't like, you accept it. Once you have your own money, you can buy whatever phone you want. My parents never bought me a phone. Instead, I worked with my dad fixing cars during the summers so that I could buy what I wanted.

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    Friend the Google pixel as far over rated for the price I've got a Motorola G7 power it outperforms the Google pixel and at half the price. Both the Google pixel and the Motorola have 4 gigs of RAM. The Motorola is slightly faster. And doesn't come loaded down with the bloatware

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    i would just be patient and wait till christmas, they might surprise you

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