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Can someone help me interpret this part of the Ontario Building Code?

Does this mean that a restaurant with fewer than 40 seats and fewer than 5 employees can have one (single occupancy) bathroom for all employees and customers of both sexes to use?


(7) Except as provided in Sentence (8), in every dining room, restaurant, cafeteria and alcoholic beverage establishment having not more than 40 seats, employees are permitted to share the sanitary facilities provided for patrons, and the minimum number of water closets shall conform to Table based on,

(a) a male occupant load of 50% of the number of seats plus the number of male employees, and

(b) a female occupant load of 50% of the number of seats plus the number of female employees.

(8) Where a separate employee washroom is provided, the same room may be used by both female and male employees provided that,

(a) the total number of employees is not more than 5, and

(b) the door to the room can be locked from the inside.

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    It means in a restaurant with 40 or less seats, you dont have to provide seperate employee wash rooms. They can share the ones provided for customers, but you still have to provide facilities based on customer numbers, not just one toilet for everyone

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