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Ava’s twin sister’s name?

We’re still only certain of one of the names: Ava Kathleen. We would like some more ideas for 

our other daughter. Middle name suggestions would be nice as well but they’re not required. Popularity does not matter. 

Thank you in advance!! :)

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    Mia Charlotte

    Lila Violet

    Maya Florence

    Elsie Rebecca

    Thea Madeleine

    Olivia Poppy

    Esme Katherine

    Ruby Victoria

    Rosie Joy

    Clara Juliet

    Mila Josephine

    Sophia Claire

    Isla Gabrielle

    Lily Annabel

    Iris Elizabeth

    Ella Rosalie

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    Ava & Annalise

    Ava & Ivy (my fave ♡)

    Ava & Freya

    Ava & Eve

    Ava & Willow

    Ava & Florence

    Ava & Isla

    Ava & Ruby

    Ava & Savannah

    Ava & Francesca

    Ava & Violet

    Ava & Gabriella

    Ava & Scarlett

    Ava & Esme

    Ava & Cara

    Ava & Eloise

    Ava & Maeve

    Ava & Sienna

    Ava & Jemima

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    Sophia Rose

    Stephanie Grace

    Dawn Marie

    Heather Rose

    Jasmine Sophia

    Stephanie Rose

    Nicole Eden

    Melanie Ann

    Isabella Violet

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    Ava & Emma

    Ava & Olivia 

    Ava *& Emily

    Ava & Scarlet 

    Ava & Rose

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    Olivia and Ava

    Willow and Ava

    Rachel and Ava

    Keira and Ava 

    Celia and Ava 

    Eden and Ava

    Lila and Ava

    Mariah and Ava

    Jocelyn and Ava 

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    Imaginary baby number 2

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    Ella Josephine

    Emily Bridget

    Charlotte Quinn

    Lily McKenna

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    I'm a twin and the only thing I suggest is that you do NOT give them matching names. Let each be her own person.

    Other than that, I like classic names. They wear well. So I like Elizabeth, Margaret, Jennifer, Jessica, and Rebecca. If your last name is longer, you can use a shorter name, but I like names that have nicknames so your daughter can try out different variations.

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    How about Alexis Kristine?

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