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My boyfriend is coming to the US from the UK and he’s on the e-tickets. In Manchester will he get all his tickets for the whole flight when he checks in there or will he need to check in at every airport? I heard you could stay right in the terminal area at every stop to wait for your other flight. Will he need to go through customs at every stop? But my biggest thing is will he need to check in at every airport or will he get all his tickets at Manchester 

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    You regularly get the entirety of your tickets toward the start. You either check in at a booth or at a work area, and they give all of you of the goes immediately. Accepting there are no medium-term stays or anything like that, simply fundamental delays, you remain inside the protected territory and don't have to experience Security or Customs and Immigration once more, at any rate not until the last goal.

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    I think it's wise to contact the airline staff. 

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    So why doesn't he ask the airline about this himself?

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    He wopuld have to check-in at each airport on his trip.

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  • W
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    In general, any international airport outside the US will allow you to check your bag through to your final destination and stay at the gate waiting for a local flight. Only in the US do you have to leave the international terminal, collect your baggage and then check back in again. Basically US airports are about 30 years behind the times.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    what stops are you talking about?

    he can take a direct London to New York

    flight as everybody goes

    so he checks at immigration in London and

    immigration and customs in New York

    when the plane lands

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    8 months ago

    When he checks in, he should get all of the boarding passes (not tickets) for his trip to the US.

    Sometimes on long international flights, especially if there are any long layovers, they might not be able to issue a boarding pass for one of the later flights.

    Also, this is 2019, he could just download the app for the airline (or airlines) onto his phone and just use an electronic boarding pass. 

    He will only have to go through customs and immigrations at the first place he lands in the US. He will have to grab his bags after immigrations, go through customs, and then drop the bag at the bag drop right afterwards.  He then heads to security and his gate.  If he needs to get a missing boarding pass, the airlines usually have a desk right after customs where he can get it.  Otherwise he can stop at a kiosk before security.

    If by chance he has another connection in the US and needs a boarding pass, as long as he doesn't leave the secure area, he can just get it from the gate agent. 

    If he has an intermediate stop in the UK (like London), he will probably have to go through security to get from the domestic terminal to the international terminal.  

    If he is stopping in Europe, he will also probably have to go through security (but not customs and immigrations).

    If he is stopping in Canada, he might have to do Canadian customs and immigrations (not entirely sure about that), and will most likely do US customs and immigrations in Canada (most major Canadian airports have US customs and immigrations, as do Dublin and Shannon if he's going through Ireland).  

    Note that he will not be getting any boarding passes for his return trip to the UK.  He'll get those when he checks in for his return flight.  

  • Foofa
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    If he bought a ticket that includes the stopovers he shouldn't have to get a second boarding pass during either leg of the trip and his luggage would likely be checked all the way through. In most cases a connecting flight doesn't require a wait long enough to leave the airport, so he'll probably just hang out in the terminal

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    Delta and KLM are partners in the SkyTeam alliance.  That means he will get boarding passes for all of his flights when he checks in for the flight from Manchester to Amsterdam. 


    If he does not already belong, he should join the frequent flier program for either Delta or KLM. Since he is British he should probably join KLM's program unless he is certain he will be mainly flying Delta. I don't recall if the UK has passport control for people exiting the UK. If yes then he will do that before he boards the flight to AMS. He does not need to go through passport control in Amsterdam.  He can stay in the "international transit" part of the airport. His luggage will be automatically transferred to the flight to the USA.

    When he arrives in the USA he first goes to passport control. Baggage claim is after passport control and he needs to collect his luggage (there are carts).  If his first arrival airport is also his final destination then he exits the airport.If his first arrival airport is not his final destination then Interline Baggage is after Baggage Claim and he gives his checked luggage back to the airline there. If he bought any liquids or gels at duty free or aboard a flight then it needs to go in his checked luggage before he gives it to Interline Baggage. 

    He then follows the signs to the gate for his onward flight. He will have to show his passport as ID to get through TSA security on the way to the gate but it is not an immigration check.    

    There is no passport control or Customs when exiting the USA. He just goes to the gate for his flight. 

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    You typically get all of your boarding passes at the beginning.  You either check in at a kiosk or at a desk, and they give you all of the passes at once.  Assuming there are no overnight stays or anything like that, just basic layovers, you stay within the secure area and don't need to go through Security or Customs and Immigration again, at least not until the final destination.  

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