I have a question about my artificial pre lit tree?

I have a 10 foot Christmas tree that when assembled its in 3 parts. each piece has a pole that is wired with a plug in the pole so when you stack each of the 3 pieces, they light up.

The problem I have is the last piece where you put the star on top won't turn on.

Either one bulb is out making the whole top portion not come on or it's the pole.

where can I buy these special lights that plug directly into the pole?

or should I just buy regular white bulbs and just rap it around because the above is too complicated?

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  • 8 months ago
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    just use regular white ones ... that tree was almost certainly made overseas and the exact replacement parts aren't available

  • 8 months ago

    They are NOT special lights. If the tree was made after 1990, it is wired in parallel and 1 bulb CAN'T keep the rest from lighting.

    The MOST likely problem is you didn't assemble the tree correctly and there is no power to the top section.

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