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Is he just trying to be a nice guy?

I was eating on my own and he asked if he can eat with me; we don’t know each other really well at all. We tried to get to know each other, but there were few awkward pauses. 

We have also been waving/ smiling whenever we pass each other in hallways for the past 6 months. Is he trying to make friends or is he interested? I feel that if a guy was interested he would have made a move by now.

He is a year ahead of me in school and he already has many friends, I am not sure why would he want to be friends with me... do guys just befriend random girls?

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    He's wondering the same thing about you. Take time to think how you feel about this. Nobody knows better than you.

  • 10 months ago

    Given your uncertainty about this person's motive/intention, decide how much emotional attention you want to give this matter and if necessary, have a conversation to know what's what without speculation or assumption.  This person may want to be friends or they may want something more, without asking you will never know.

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    maybe he likes you

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