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I broke my girlfriend's guitar chords out of anger and she went away to her parents home. What can I do to have her back?

We argued for a really stupid thing. She wasn't listening to me because she was too busy with her guitar (she had just bought it) and started playing. She was happy cause  she had just gotten a new and good paid job. I had just got the news of my dad having a bad diagnosis a d it shocked me. I already lost my mom. We argued because she wasnt listening and when she went to the bathroom I cut the strings. I know I did an horrible thing but I was just really mad. When she came back she saw what I did and started crying and said I was mean and that she hated me. It's just our first week together in our apartment. Yesterday everything was alright we made love it was perfect. She went to her parents home even if I followed her til she took the bus. She was convinced. I apologised on the phone I asked her to forgive me but she said you shouldn't have been so mean, I didnt do norhing wrong. She says she doesnt want to come back if you want you can break the guitar too, since you hate it too, not just me. That's what she wrote. 

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  • Chanel
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    Could you buy her another guitar?

    Also you have to woo her so be nice every time you talk to her.

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    You did do something wrong. Anyone who goes out of his or her way to destroy or break someone else's personal property, has some really huge issues. You're one of these people, obviously

    I would have left, too.

    I'm sure she was being sarcastic when she talked about you breaking the guitar, too. You mustn't be wrapped too tight

  • Teal
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    8 months ago

    Give her back her things, accept that the relationship is over, and go to therapy. You are so fixated on getting her back you haven't considered her feelings at all. It's all about what you want and how you feel. You aren't really sorry, you are just sorry there were consequences. Having a bad day or getting bad news in no way excuses your actions. You have shown her that she isn't safe with you and she can never trust you again. Decide what kind of person you want to be and get help.

  • 8 months ago

    You didn't do anything wrong? It's OK to break something of hers just because you didn't feel heard? You aren't ready for a relationship. I hope she sees that and stays gone.

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