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Smoked weed yesterday and now I feel numb and tingly.?

I smoked a wax pen yesterday I did like 2 long hits. I was high but nothing crazy (I have been way more high) this was like my fourth or fifth time smoking weed but I normally smoke a joint or blunt. So I assumed smoking this pen would do nothing. Today (the next day) I feel numb and tingly in my feet and hands. I also just feel real weird and I’m kind of freaking out. I have been way more high before and this has never happend. I don’t understand what is going on. I don’t think it was laced because my friend hits it all the time and is just smacked but he never had this I don’t think. I could bairly focus in class and felt like I had to go home. Could it be a allergic reaction. I’m really worried and don’t wanna tell my parents because they will get mad. What should I do? And what is going on. Also when I walk it feels a little better but I feel jittery when I’m still.


Also I juul (I know it’s bad I’m going to stop) could this affect anything?

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