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Girlfriend has her own business, I’m finding it hard?

I’m 27 and my girlfriend is 22. We’ve been together for 9 months and get on really well. We want a long lasting relationship and to be together.

She’s very ambitious and has been working hard since 16. At 21, she’s got her own mortgage for a house which she’s planning to rent out in the next few months.

She has a lot of outgoings and sometimes struggles but she try’s to work harder to earn money to cover the bills.

She’s recently started renting a room to start her own beauty business. She’s had to borrow me on 2 occasions to help with the deposit.

I worked a 9-5 job but left recently because one of my friends convinced me it won’t get me anywhere and I should do business with him but he’s betrayed me after that.

Now I’m self employed, finding it hard to adapt as it’s all new to me, now I’ve got a lot of free time and trying to find different avenues and ideas to make more money and start my own business.

I do basic mobile mechanic services and buying and selling stuff on eBay.

I’m also planning to be a driving instructor. I’ve also recently thought about the idea of opening up a cafe.

I feel bad as my girlfriend has her stable choice of renting a room and doing her beauty business. I feel I’m all over the place and unsure on what path to pick.

If it’s mobile mechanic services, it’s only temporary until I find my permanent career path or possible path.

I sometimes feel I’m competing but I want to have something firm and stick with it so I don’t look lost?

Any advice?

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  • 8 months ago

    I feel you! My partner is super stable and although I have a uni degree, I am all over the place, going from temp to temp because I feel no motivation to work in an office. I think it is a good idea of you to become self employed. That is what I am going to do too. In that view, you ought to be lucky that your girlfriend has got your back in case it doesn't work out. The problem is your lack of confidence. Just go for it and focus on the job itself and it will grow, not overnight, but in the long run.

  • 8 months ago

    Visit the Excellence-Success site and read some articles about being an entrepreneur. It will help.

  • 8 months ago

    Please refer to my answer to the inquiry of two months ago, "Girlfriend prioritises her business over relationship?".

  • Judy
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    8 months ago

    Forget the cafe for now. Even for a small one, you'd need tens of thousands of dollars to start it, which you obviously don't have. You'd be wise to look for another job, at least until you sort out what you want to do, and do a proper business plan.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    You've been posting this literally for months. 

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