Can a great pump take heat in one room that is too hot and move it to a room that is cooler?

I am thinking of greeting Mitsubishi heat pumps in my house, I was curious if in the winter if you had one room with too much heat that it would suck out some of that heat and use it to heat other parts of the house. I have a wood stove that can heat the upstairs close to 80, but doesn’t  reach the first floor other side of the house too well. So would the heat pumps on the second floor be able to move that heat around? There is no central air. 

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    8 months ago
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    That is not how they are designed to work, but all the units do have a straight fan setting which certainly would increase the air circulation (doubtful how much heat is going to go DOWN though).   I'm always amazed at how efficient and quiet it is at moving the air without any ducting. 

    Do not fear.  A ductless heat pump split system would work well for you because unlike central air/heat,  each unit has it's own thermostat. 

    I have the opposite of you - a wood stove in my basement that does very little for my upstairs.    And in the summer, my upstairs is baking hot and my basement is just right.   It's no problem at all because the units work independently even though they are run off the same outdoor compressor.    

    I have a 2400 sq foot home and only installed two upstairs and one downstairs.   Best.  Home.  Improvement.  Dollars.  Ever.  Spent.     If I had my druthers, I would have installed one more unit in the master bedroom, but we do just fine without it.   There is only about a five degree differential between where the pump is located in the living room and the master bedroom which is at the end of the hall. 

    After 50 years of living in homes with central furnaces, I won't do it again.   I love my ductless system THAT MUCH.

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    8 months ago

    Mini split units only heat an cool the room they are located in.  You would need a standard ducted furnace to do that an then youd need a return in that room to circulate that air threw house.

    With mini split you need fans in doorways 

  • 8 months ago

    that is now how they are normally installed. these devices consist of two units, connected by piping. one unit usually goes outside. think i'd ask the maker via their website if they have cautions or experience with what you suggest

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