What are your favorites metal/hard rock albums of 1993?

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  • polly
    Lv 7
    10 months ago
    Favourite answer

    I absolutely love "Under a funeral moon" by Darkthrone,

    closely followed by "Wolverine blues" by Entombed

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Marilyn Manson’s 1st album

  • 10 months ago

    bloody kisses TYPE O NEGATIVE

    hanging in the balance METAL CHURCH

    osculum obsenum HYPOCRISY

    Not listed:

    inhaler TAD

  • Andrew
    Lv 7
    10 months ago

    Mercyful Fate "In the Shadows." It was a reunion record that completely exceeded expectations. It's a phenomenal offering packed with brilliant riffs and there's not a single weak song to be found on the album. It destroys anything and everything else released that year and remains one of the strongest heavy metal albums of the early 90s. 

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Childbirth Fetish by The Breastfed Teenagers

  • 10 months ago

    I post a list where you can choose if you want

    chaos ad SEPULTURA 

    sound of white noise ANTHRAX 

    I hear black OVERKILL 

    individual though pattern DEATH 

    still cyko after all these years SUICIDAL TENDENCIES 

    spaghetti incident GUNS'N'ROSES 

    face the heat SCORPIONS 

    bastards MOTORHEAD 

    covenant MORBID ANGEL 

    get a grip AEROSMITH 

    objection overruled ACCEPT 

    in the shadows MERCYFUL FATE 

    heartwork CARCASS 

    coverdale/page COVERDALE/PAGE 

    angels cry ANGRA 

    edge of thorn SAVATAGE 

    exposed VINCE NEIL 

    set the world on fire ANNIHILATOR 

    war of words FIGHT 

    under a funeral moon DARKTHRONE 

    chameleon HELLOWEEN 

    focus CYNIC 

    wolferine blues ENTOMBED 

    elements ATHEIST 


    those of the unlight MARDUK 

    bump ahead MR BIG 

    sublime dementia LOUDBLAST 

    cross the threshold LOUDBLAST 

    insanity and genius GAMMA RAY 

    independent SACRED REICH 

    hangigng in balance METAL CHURCH 

    pure holocaust IMMORTAL 

    osculum obsenum HYPOCRISY 

    breeding the spawn SUFFOCATION 

    dark medieval times SATYRICON 

    grin CORONER 

    diabolical summoning SINISTER 

    in utero NIRVANA 

    undertow TOOL 

    bloody kisses TYPE O NEGATIVE 

    amon the feasting DEICIDE 

    odium MORGOTH 

    the battle rages on DEEP PURPLE 

    ethereal mirror CATHEDRAL 

    the ultimate invocation VADER 

    spheres PESTILENCE 


    something wicked NUCLEAR ASSAULT 

    native tongue POISON 

    jonah's ark SKYCLAD 

    nothing to gain VIOLENCE 

    dimensions BELIEVER 

    embalmed existence RESURRECTION 

    dream of carrion king DISINCARNATES

    sarsippius ark INFECTIOUS GROOVE

    the outer limits VOI VOD

    the nocturnal silence NECROPHOBIC

    enemy of the sun NEUROSIS

    the somberlain DISSECTION

    counterparts RUSH

    pull WINGER

    sérénades ANATHEMA

    aske BURZUM

    det som engang var BURZUM

    siames dream SMASHING PUMPKINS


  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    He posts a list where we can chose!!!!!

    Ill wait for your list then ill answer...


    At The Gates - With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness

    Edge Of Sanity - Spectral Sorrows

    Death - Individual Thought Patterns

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