Why are gay men and promiscious women looked down upon but promiscious men and lesbians not?

Why does society look down on everybody that has sex with men? But looks up on everybody that has sex with women. Promiscious men get high fives and lesbians get a free pass but gay men and promiscious women get insulted, slut-shamed, gay bashed and spewed at with hate and all sorts of derogatory insults. 

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  • reme_1
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    8 months ago

    People choose who they want to pick on.

  • 8 months ago

    Because society or the patriarchy doesn't really see women as people, but more like objects. While men, gay and straight, while having differing sexual orientations, are still men and are treated as such. There is definitely a double standard between how men and women are judged for promiscuity, and in general. Btw, lesbians, promiscuous or not, definitely DO NOT have it easier

  • 8 months ago

    This is a non-issue.  Everyone gets insulted unfairly.  They need to stop whining about insults, slights, stereotyping, and rejection.  Just get past it.  Life isn't fair.

    (Abuse, threats of abuse, infringement of rights - all these are another matter entirely.)

    BUT, the reason that straights are commended for the same things that non-straights are condemned for has to do with individuals and institutions preserving their grasp upon power and influence.  It's been that way since Paul started writing to the churches of Asia.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Not true. A man who has casual sex with multiple women is not considered to be a good person. Both men and women are judged by same standards today.

    As for Gay men, it is not just about promiscuity. Gays are more likely to have HIV infection even today. Gay men became promiscuous in the past because there was no legal option to get married. Any relationship without legal protections and social recognition will fail. It won't last long. So promiscuity became common in gay community. 

    Promiscuity combined with AIDS epidemic --- Do you even have to ask why gay men are looked down upon ? But things are changing. More and more gay men are entering into marriage. I think it will become stable over time. Marriage is a stabilizing agent. 

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    "lesbians get a free pass"

    What planet is this on? You don't know any lesbians. They get treated like other women, but worse. Not like men.

    Men dehumanize and insult women who have sex with lots of men because they're jealous and petty and it feels like their toys are being used, BY OTHER MEN. It's not even really about the women. It's women-as-sex-toys not women as people.

    Gay men get insulted by straight men, because straight men are jealous they get more sex.

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