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My son has missed 6 days of school and was wondering if it will be an issue?

This year has not started off well. My son have been getting cold after cold with throwing up a bit. The 6 days are not peridic but more so spread out.

I have texts from his teacher that speaks on his health and I had to pick him up from school twice. He's gotten one day excused from a doctors note but the others have not been excused.

I've requested his attendance from school just now and I'm expecting a call from his doctor to let her know that he's been sick a lot catching colds and my concerns of him missing school.

What other advice can you give to so I don't have issues down the road with the school calling the chuency officer etc... I might be over reacting but i'm just trying to stay diligent and on top

any advice would be great!



Update 2:

@something fishy. My rule is to wash your hands as soon as you come in from outdoors. I never thought to change his school clothes which just makes sense. I'll apply the other things you mentioned as well. Thank you!

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    Would the school rather you sent him to school sick? He could have an allergy. With the rain recently, there's a lot of mold and pollen. Be sure he keeps up with classwork and assignments.

    P.s., it's truency, not chuency.

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    He may need things that boost gut cure all the colds...probiotics,  prebiotics,  fermented foods all help.

    More hand washing

    Layered clothes

    Showers daily after school

    Buy lysol spray and use it

    Send wipes to school for him to wipe his desk.

    Get books have him read more at home, do extra spelling words, no tv or video games usually cure most kids.

    Pick up school work and have him study all day he doesnt fall behind.

    He needs to stay home till well but over all his lack of clean habits is making him sick.

    We had a house rule, after school shower asap,...Do Not Sit on COUCH IN SCHOOL mom did not want all those school germs on clothes went in hamper..we wore play clothes at home, school clothes at school, chuclothes at church but showered and changed everytime we came home.

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    A cold isn't a reason to stay home. Send him to school where he belongs

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