Improved Job Title in 4 words?

My current job title is "logistics coordinator" which is more of an entry level title. 

I have been in my company for over 7 years and am the acting Purchasing Manager, Production Scheduling Manager, and Logistics Manager. I've spoken with our Executive Vice President and he asked what title I want.  


What would be a good title that is not more than 4 words and includes these three job functions. I.e. Logistics Manager is great - but does not say anything about the other jobs.

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  • 10 months ago

    Logistics clerk is an entry level position.

    A logistics coordinator is someone who coordinates logistics.  This not an entry level position.

    Supply Chain Manager is a good option (per mindcrime), if you are really a manager.

    - managers work independently, do you.

    - are you able to sign purchase orders, do you have a purchase limit of at least $10000 before additional approval is needed?

    - are you acting determining the production schedule without assistance?

    - are you creating the contracts with logistics firms?

  • 10 months ago

    Supply Chain Manager...logistics, production scheduling and purchasing are all functions within a company's supply chain.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    I doubt the title matters.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    In administrative jobs like this, titles are pretty meaningless.   If you were to look for another job, they would be more interested in your responsibilities, skills and experience than your job title.   

    Even a title like "manager" is pretty meaningless.   I am a manager.   I run a health care business with almost 50 employees.   I report directly to the owner who is retired and hands-off.   I am responsible for every aspect of running the business.   There are also "managers" at Subway who make $.50/hour more than minimum wage and their management responsibility consists of nothing more than counting the till and locking the door at night. 

    Don't get too worked up about job title.   Focus on learning all you can, developing your skills and making yourself a more desirable employee. 

     I'd probably refer to you as an Administrative Coordinator or Administrative Assistant.  

    Who do you report to?  What is the chain of command?   Does anyone actually report to you?   As in you hire, train, review, reward, discipline and fire them? 

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