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Intense abdominal cramping while running?

I started taking up running in the mornings to stay in shape. The first few times I started running, I was able to run no problem at all. However, around a month ago, I got intense lower abdominal cramping on one of my runs and went home immediately. It was super painful and I went to the bathroom, thinking it was a digestive issue, but barely anything came out. Then, a few weeks ago, I went on a 5k run with my friends and during that run, the painful cramps returned and I had trouble breathing. I thought it was just my period so I pushed it off as that and just walked for a bit until the cramps went away. Today, I decided to give it another go. Halfway through my run, the cramps returned but this time more intense and painful. I could barely walk, breathe, I felt like I was about to pass out on the sidewalk. When I got home, i went straight to the toilet and threw up. Why am I cramping so much? These cramps feel like intestinal or uterine cramps since it’s the same area I get cramps on my period. Why am I getting these cramps now and not before when I used to work out so much more?

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    Outside of being dehydrated, I'd suggest you see your doctor about this. A side-stitch isn't too unusual, but to be in debilitating pain and having shortness of breath is more serious. Before you continue with your running, get checked out by a doc.

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