I’m looking for something like an Encyclopedia of research methods/epistemologies applies to as many subjects as possible. Any ideas?

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    10 months ago

    NIHR trials toolkits or something similar. It really depends upon exactly what type of research you wish to follow. 

    There are so many fields of research and they all have methods specific to their speciality. If you can identify an established methodology and protocol system you may be able to adapt it to your specific needs. At least it should give you some ideas

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    There may be such a thing within the bounds of the History of Ideas.

    This being a plurality of subject areas then highly likely such does


    Of course philosopher-commentators may reply that this isn't philosophy ;

    but don't let that type of reply fool you as a large sector here are committed

    subjectivists, who are hardly philosopher's of research (of naivety we

    could agree).

    And yet others here exhibit all the critical behaviour of such "historians"

    when visiting this place fleetingly and with minimal definitional answers.

    Searching proper, unlike similar type answerers.

    My one tip would be to closely assess any & all "research methods" with

    a critical-pinch-of-salt. Just because I think that subjectivist & relativist

    type research is clearly different from that of objective type work - the

    former relying upon rational formation already WITHIN their research

    material whereas objectivists do not always (& its this that can better

    help to produce new findings, that is new work). I could go further &

    talk of these research areas where there SHOULD already be-use-of

    a "philosophy critical method" or remnants of one ; but remember,

    that subjectivists cannot properly recognise ANYTHING OF THE SORT,

    though telling fibs & falsehoods that they do or can. 

    They cannot.. & this then surely reflects within their "research" which

    can be described more of an IDEOLOGICAL research Paper where

    descriptions & definitions take precedence in the work instead of

    competing critical ideas and all.

    This is important, as the description describes two DIFFERENT areas

    of both knowledge & research still.^

     ^ like that of of Philosophy. And of the History of Ideas.. which

        have been so described here previously (my user history) 

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    10 months ago

    It doesn't exist. Now is your perfect opportunity to create one. 

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