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What happens if I miss a presentation because I'm actually super sick. I know my teacher might think I'm faking, but I'm actually sick. Help?

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    That's up to the teacher.  Start by sending your professor an email now -- before you miss class.  Next, drag yourself to the student health center to be seen by the staff.  As D noted, if you have proof from the medical team that you were too sick to attend, that should help.  The down side is that the nurse or doctor may disagree with your self-diagnosis and then you'll need to go to class.

  • MS
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    8 months ago

    Go to the doctor.  If you are so sick that you cannot make a presentation in class, then you are sick enough to be seen by a doctor.  You can use your documentation from that appointment to receive an excused absence.  You may have to do a makeup assignment or complete the presentation at a different time. 

  • di
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    8 months ago

    Go to your school's health clinic & email your prof from the waiting room requesting a schedule change if possible, get a written proof of visit from the clinic, etc.  Might help, might not.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    If you are "super sick" you would almost certainly be admitted to hospital.  Show your teacher your hospital discharge papers.

  • 8 months ago

    Get a note from a doctor

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