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physical system question?

Simulink model to simulate a quarter car suspension system.   Using your Simulink simulations, calculate the rise time, overshoot, and settling time for the driver’s seat position, for a step response with amplitude 0.05 m, when the car is in ‘cruise mode’ and ‘sports mode’.      

What is step response with amplitude 0.05m???

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    - As if the car hits a step function. Zero net pulling force, suddenly turning into a constant force, like hitting a ramp. The force pulling in the direction of travel increases to maintain vertical equilibrium (so the driver doesn't fly up into the air or sink into the ground). On a piece of paper, force versus time lookss like a step up with no step down.

    - How go about figuring that out is up to how well you are versed in the software you are using as that is not a pencil and paper type of problem

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