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Windows 10 Pro, software raid 5?

Does anybody know if you can use Windows 10 Pro's software RAID to create a RAID array on an external disk storage array? Something connected via USB 3 for example. Or does it only work on internal drives?

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    Your machine would have to support RAID devices, a totally different thing from USB or ESATA. The drivers have to be for the hardware involved and any UNIX or Win 2k platform will support it.

    Connection to external drive bay is usually SCSI like my Dell server, Win 2k pro OS with 6 drive outboard cage all hot swappable with removable drives.

    this was 2004 technology, good, but outdated.

    For the modern machines, you would do better with a USB3 hub or ESATAp.

    Maybe look into USB3.1 thunderbolt Fast at 10 Gb/s up to 20.

    external HDD housing, eSATAp internal and USB3.1 is hard to beat.

    Number of connected drives only limited by your hub, and possibly up to 15 with tree structured root to port hierarchy.

    Logical drive range on win 10 is D through ZZ active drives, more than any server really needs. 20 petabytes will hold the internet.

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    RAID only works on drives connected to the RAID controller directly.

    there are no USB-based RAID controllers, because the USB ports are differently located on each computer, so it would be impossible to set up the same on a different computer.

    plus, USB drives are slower that a direct connection anyways, so it would not be ideal.

    instead, if you want speed, just buy an SSD USB external drive.

    if you want redundancy, just buy a second identical drive and back it up however often you like.

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