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Companies and Tuition reimbursement, does this exist?

Are there any companies that exist in the US that will help pay for your student loans after you have graduated with your Bachelors or AA degree? Not going for further education but education already graduated?

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    Yes, there are - it would be on you to find them!  Any loan repayment by an employer (except the military, which is loan cancellation & not really repayment) is taxable income to the borrower - usually included as a hiring and retention incentive.  

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    Not if you already graduated. Tuition reimbursement plans are fairly rare now, and typically for valued existing full-time employees, usually required to have worked F-T for the company for 1-2 years prior to becoming eligible for their tuition plan. Also, typically now, it's a reimbursement - percentage of tuition reimbursed depends on your grade in the course, e.g. 100% of tuition for A grade, 50% of tuition for grade of B, and that's it.

    You'll have to repay your loans out of your paychecks.

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