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Filipinos who made contributions to aerospace or aeronautics?

Is there anyone of Filipino background who has made engineering or mathematical contributions to the field of aerospace or aeronautics?

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  • keerok
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    1 year ago

    I had a student in high school, many years back, who showed my his laptop that had a sticker of NASA on it. It was formerly his aunt's (can't recall her name) who worked there as an engineer, chemist or physicist, I can't remember. What was astonishing was the fact that the laptop contained the formula for the space shuttle's fuel at that time. My student's aunt was one of the scientists who made it.

    Then I had a classmate (won't divulge his name), way back from kinder to high school, who also worked there as an analyst for the orbital space plane program and then at the biomedical engineering division.

    It wouldn't take much to search the internet about the number of Filipinos with significant contributions at NASA.

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