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can you make a golf head with a CNC machine?

I want to design a golf club head.  is a CNC machine can make the prototype?


can the machine makes out of Cast Iron?

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  • 1 year ago

    Yes, A CNC machine can mill cast iron to a program describing a golf club head.

    Another option is 3D or use 3D to make a lost wax casting mold.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    < is a CNC machine can make the prototype? >

    A CNC machine won't overcome your lack of knowledge.

  • If the CNC has a 4 or 5 axis setup, then I would be surprised if it couldn't carve one out of some kind of stock.


    Instead of trying to shave and machine a cast iron block with a CNC machine, it'd probably be easier to use the CNC to mill a form out of something considerably softer and then use that softer form to build a mold into which you could pour molten steel and make your own custom cast golf club heads (which you could clean up and form to final specs).  It'd be less wear and tear on the machine, and forms would be easier to machine and modify.  You'd also be able to get more efficient use out of your base materials.

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